Click Here to Schedule an Appointment


Once you have become a member at Tenacity Fitness, you will be assigned an ID and Password so you can online book at your convenience an MIT Training Class or a Personal Training Session. If you haven’t requested or been given and ID and Password before, click here for the Online Booking Signup.

Here are a few general points to remember:

An appointment can’t be booked at night which would make it run over our scheduled closing time. The system also books on 15 Min increments. For example, a 30 min personal training can’t be booked at 5:45 if the gym closes at 6 pm.

Once an appointment is made, it can’t be deleted or changed through the online system. Please call or email us to delete or change it.

Please update your account info (email, phone number, birth date (for specials), address, etc) when it changes.


Click here for more detailed instructions on how to use our online booking system. Please contact us if you experience any issues or have questions (609-784-8341) or [email protected].