Meet the Coaches

Brian Dunn

I am joining Tenacity with over a decade of strength and conditioning experience. After ending my college hockey career short due to head injuries, I began investing in training. I love working with several populations but am most intrigued by the young athlete. My passion lies deeper than biomechanics, sets, and reps, but within the mind and the excitement I get from connecting with others and helping them reach their goals, expand their mind, and what they believe they are capable of achieving. I coach youth hockey and truly appreciate the sport, but more than that, the opportunity to mentor young men and women. Although I have a deep love for strength and conditioning, I foresee myself going into sports psychology, a mesh between strength and conditioning and training the mind. ~Brian is Power Athlete Block-1 certified and working towards his CSCS. He and his wife Morgan, a US Marine, are grateful to have found a home at Tenacity.

Donna Ingham

My interest in physical fitness and exercise started in my youth. I’ve participated in organized sports my whole life, including basketball, softball and field hockey. I was introduced to weight training while playing Division 1 softball at Rutgers. After graduating, I realized my passion for fitness demanded more education. I returned to college and earned my Physical Education degree. I immediately loved teaching PE. With so many sedentary activities in the lives of our youth, I enjoyed teaching them about fitness and watch them find enjoyment in it. I was even fortunate enough to coach high school athletes. I decided to take it one step further and became a personal trainer in order to help not only the youth but adults of all ages find that same enjoyment out of doing something that deeply benefits their quality of life. I love being part of someone’s successful moments by pushing them beyond what they thought they could do and celebrating their achievements with my humorous and lighthearted personality. My goal is to help everyone meet their goals, whether it’s weight loss, building strength, or just bettering overall health, by working hand in hand to find a program that you love.

Shannon Hayes

I have always been active my entire life! I started dancing when I was three years old and fell in love with it! Dancing helped me physically and also with issues of anxiety. I became a professional dancer. During my first contract on Guam, I discovered my second passion in life - physical fitness. In order to keep up with the rigors of dance, I started running two miles a day, lifting weights, and running hotel stairs! Seeing results was addicting and my confidence grew at the same time my anxieties faded away. I realized how important physical fitness can be for body and mind. I became a certified personal trainer with ACE so I can share with others the benefits fitness brought to me. Everyone deserves to feel proud of their hard work and I am here to not only reach your goals but to go farther!

Angelo Prince

All my life I have been involved with sports and fitness. It all started when I was a young kid playing baseball and has now led to my passion for bodybuilding competitions. Fitness has become a lifestyle for me. I always thought about doing personal training, but was hesitant to pursue. I eventually had a great friend push me into getting my certification. I decided to go through NASM and am now a CPT. I currently work as a Physical Therapy Aide, but look to pursue a career in Law Enforcement or the Military. I have years of experience with many sports including football, baseball, track and field, wrestling, and, lastly, bodybuilding. As of right now, I am a 2x OCB second place finisher in the Classic Physique division with more competitions approaching. I graduated from Misericordia University in 2016 with a Bachelor’s in Government, Law and National Security. As your coach/trainer you can expect me to be very professional, encouraging, and invested in your fitness goals. I am laid back, but will push you to your limits. I’m a people person and love getting to know you for who you are. Work with me and there is no limit to what you can do.

Carol Adams

I was introduced to strength training as a teen. I trained with my big brother and his powerlifting buddies in exchange for my willingness to help them load and unload the bar. As they guided me through the Olympic lifts, I learned the importance of proper breathing, good form and nutrition. My training buddies also taught me that girls can be strong. Then life happened. The years flew by and before I knew it, my health took a backseat to family and work obligations. As my weight increased, I frantically turned to every fad, gadget and quick fix I could find. Some of them worked, but not for very long. When I met Bill and Steven, I was ready for a change. I hated where I was physically, and I knew the shortcuts didn't work. They reintroduced me to a few old truths: there's no substitute for hard work, good form, and nutrition. And yes, that girls (of any age), can be strong. As my conditioning and my lifts improved, so did a few other things, like my weight, my cholesterol levels and my blood pressure. This turned out to be the most empowering truth of all. This is what fueled my desire to teach other women (and men) the lessons I've learned. I became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and I am thrilled to join the team as Tenacity's Women's Fitness Specialist. As the proud mom of two grown children, I get how easy it is to put yourself last. But renewing that commitment to yourself is the best way I know to ensure a shot at a future we all dream of... living a full, healthy life, enjoying the people and things that mean the most to us.

Alison Capelli

I fell in love with sports at an early age, and have been actively playing a sport since I was 5 years old. I have participated in gymnastics, soccer, swimming, softball, lacrosse, and field hockey. I played field hockey at Stockton University and was a starter all four years, so becoming a trainer seemed like a natural transition for me. Not everyone feels the same about exercise and sports, and that is why I enjoy training. Everyone has different fitness goals, whether it is to become stronger, lose weight, master new lifts, or just generally feel better. I like to make my training experiences an environment where you are pushing yourself to do things you may have never thought possible, but also have a good time while doing so. It brings me joy to see people becoming motivated towards their goals and their reactions when they reach a milestone they were working towards.

Steve Schaaf

Standing 6'5' and weighing 160 lbs soaking wet at age 17, I was always self conscious about my body. I was tired of feeling skinny and weak and decided to do something about it rather than complain and feel sorry for myself. I started up with a personal trainer who showed me the proper way to weight train and gave me the tools to go out and work out on my own. After five years of being hooked on the gym, I put on 70 lbs of muscle and my self confidence skyrocketed.

After graduating with a bachelor's degree in Sport's Management and a minor in Exercise Science at Rutgers University I decided to work at a local gym where I was a front desk staff member for a few months. During that time, I decided to get certified as a trainer so I could help people get healthier and improve their self confidence, just as I had experienced.

After a few months, I was promoted as the gym's only trainer and worked there for two years, during which I received my nutrition certification and established many close relationships with clients. I was approached daily to personally train and coach people of all sizes and age groups. I had to decline as I was unable to accommodate them at my current place of employment. Still I did my best to give as much advice on nutrition and workout plans as possible (see testimonials).

When the opportunity arose to train clients personally in my own facility with my desired equipment, my dream had come true! Tenacity Fitness was born and now I wakes up everyday looking forward to seeing my clients and members continue to elevate both their minds and bodies.

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Bill Jack

Expert in keto and ancestral health.

Husband, father, entrepreneur… these days we all wear a lot of hats. In today’s world, it has become essential to be able to “multitask”. The problem is that in order to take care of everything and everyone something has to give. Sound familiar? That’s because I have been where you are right now. We all make sacrifices on a regular basis but the first one that seems to hit the chopping block is our health. We wear the ability to keep functioning on no sleep and no exercise like badges of honor not realizing what they cost us in the long term. I know how busy life can be. In the span of one year (2014) I found a new place to live, bought a new car, started a business, and my wife and I had our daughter. Talk about stress. I too sacrificed my health for my business. There is always more work than hours in the day. Late nights followed by early morning were the norm. I have felt the guilt of carving out time to take care of myself, but I also know that I have to be at my best to take care of those who depend on me. This is why I decided to get certified as a Primal Health Coach. Now I help people regain their health and vitality through living primally. The internet is filled with misinformation and half-truths about health and wellness. I provide real action plans to people who are ready to make a change. Achieving the body you were meant to have so that you can do the things you want to do for the rest of your life. It doesn’t have to be hard. Let me show you.

email - [email protected] Instagram - @ceomuscle

AJ Pickul

I have been active with sports my entire life playing soccer, football, hockey, wrestling and baseball. Since getting my first weight bench at 13 I have been interested in improving myself and friends with weight training. Since becoming a certified personal trainer with ISSA in 2012 I have been able to work with a variety of people. From people looking to get in shape, to high school state wrestlers, to u14 national soccer players, and to people looking to improve their strength. It's been a great experience from each client due to having to work to change my approach to get the most from them to help them get to their goals. To be able to have a career working with people to adjust their habits and lifestyle has been to the most rewarding aspect of this.

Nelson DeOliveira

As far back as I can remember, my life has always had sports in it. What started out with youth soccer turned into a passion for multiple sports. My high school years included 4 years of football, wrestling and track. Faced with a changing world, I enlisted in the Army National Guard in the summer of 1995. I proudly served as an Infantryman from 1995 to 2007 and left as a Sergeant First Class with one overseas deployment. My education continued at Kean University where I graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice in 2000 and played football and lacrosse during my stay. A career in the NJ State Police soon followed with a graduation from the academy in May of 2001. My exposure to law enforcement motivated a jump to self-defense and firearms training. I chose the path of Krav Maga and am currently certified as both a civilian and law enforcement instructor with Krav Maga Worlwide. Ever eager to continue my training, an excellent opportunity presented itself here at Tenacity Fitness. Upon getting certified in Group Fitness/Boot Camp Instruction and Sports Specific Training, I joined the amazing crew here at Tenacity. I look forward to helping you all meet and exceed your fitness goals.

David Troche

I enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1999. I’ve served as an Anti-Terrorism and Raven Security Forces Instructor. I’ve been afforded the opportunity to instruct Air Force Raven Combatives, certified in Modern Army Combative Level 1 and certified personal trainer through NASM. I have always had a passion for fitness, and have stayed very active my whole life. I’ve played multiple sports throughout high school, have participated in numerous triathlons/marathon and instructed combatives to thousands of students during my military career. Fitness to me is not just an activity, it's a way of life and state of mind. The human body is a truly fascinating machine. We are all capable and have the potential to do whatever we put our minds to. Unfortunately, we experience some barriers in our life that stops us or slows us down from reaching our desired goals. I want to help you overcome those barriers and together we can reach any goals you set forth. As a personal trainer, I strive to provide you the capacity to exceed your individual goals both inside and outside of the gym. Whether you want to be the next Strongman Champion or simply keeping up with your grandkids. It’s been very rewarding for me to look at peoples faces and see how happy they are with their continuous progress and achieving their goals. That’s what it’s all about.