Tenacity Sports Performance

At Tenacity Fitness we believe in developing the whole athlete. With well-trained coaches your athletes will not only build strength but will also improve agility, speed, power, and mobility, helping to better their performance as well as reduce their risk of injury. 


The Strength and Conditioning Coaches follow a carefully crafted training template. It is the accumulation of years of knowledge and experience gained both through multiple certifications from the top performance coaches in the industry as well as hands-on training.

The Tenacity Sports Performance program offers a variety of options for our clients and athletes: 


  • Team training allows a sports team and or organization to train together in preparations for their season. 
  • Team training requires a minimum of 8 athletes training for 8 weeks, 2 times a week. 
  • Our program is offered to middle school through high school athletes. 


  • Your athlete works one on one with a Strength and Conditioning Coach of your choosing 
  • This option offers flexibility in Scheduling training sessions for your athlete 
  • Your athlete’s specific goals will be the focus in every training session 
Our coaches’s enjoyment in the work they do with these youth athletes shows in their dedication to bettering each athlete, as well as their efforts to build his/her self confidence. We feel they shouldn’t only walk onto the field or court stronger and more powerful, but also more confident in themselves.